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RUGBY PORTLAND CEMENT Co Ltd UK - laboratory analyst

BRITISH PETROLEUM Ltd Kent Refinery UK - laboratory analyst & undergraduate engineer

REED PAPER GROUP Ltd UK - laboratory technician, paper and board products (1 year)

PROCTER & GAMBLE Ltd UK R&D Division - process development engineer - soap & edible oil products (5 years)

INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Ltd Chemical Plant & Engineering Division - senior chemical engineer - design, supply, installation and commissioning of filtration, mixing, grinding and spray drying plant (3 years)

HUMES Ltd - production manager - PVC pipe manufacture (1 year)

B F GOODRICH CHEMICAL Ltd - safety & environment engineer - dichloroethylene cracking & vinyl chloride polymerisation - responsible for plant-wide safety & environmental performance (11 years)

THOMAS ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS - provision of contract engineering services to industry and fuel/chemical distribution terminals (5 years)

I F THOMAS & ASSOCIATES - principal (22 years to date)



WINTHROP LABORATORIES UK - analytical chemist - pharmaceutical products (3 years)

PROCTER & GAMBLE Ltd UK R&D Division - technical assistant researching into detergent formulations (2 years)

WATSON VICTOR Ltd - technical sales representative - laboratory & medical supplies (1 year)

DULUX AUSTRALIA Ltd - technical assistant - researching into acrylic paint formulations (3 years)

ICI AUSTRALIA Ltd Central Research Laboratories - laboratory technician - brake fluid formulations (3 years)

ICI AUSTRALIA Ltd - receptionist to chief executive and directors (1 year)

RMIT TAFE COLLEGE - laboratory technician (1 year)

I F THOMAS & ASSOCIATES - senior associate (22 years to date)