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We investigate incidents and accidents of any size.

Reports are confidential except where approved for publication.

Some completed tasks are :-


Injury by pressurised spray of concentrated acid

Injury by live steam

Injury by high pressure, high temperature organic chemicals stream

Distillation column fire

Liquefied gas tanker drive-away while connected up

Laboratory hydrogen gas escape

Hydrogenation plant hydrogen release

Localised welding fire

Large scale fire following welding

Escape of 700 tonnes of vinyl chloride monomer from storage sphere

Incinerator ship gas release

Coode Island fires

Longford gas plant accident

Westgate Bridge collapse

Burnley and Domain tunnel assessment

Black Saturday investigation

Chromic acid spill

Flixborough disaster (UK)

Buncefield accident (UK)

PVC plant fire

Fire in compressor acoustic enclosure

V-Line Footscray sodium hydrosulphite container reaction and release

Pump explosion during maintenance, caused by polyperoxide

Organic peroxide process plant reaction